Welcome to your holiday accomodation 'Lavender House'

Rent your holiday house in the fairytale hills of Haloze - Sloveina

Lavender holiday house offers space to 4 people and includes 2 Bedrooms and 2 Bathrooms


Built into the hillside with spectacular views all around, this beautiful setting offers an intimate experience of Haloze and its inhabitants.

Haloze enjoys long hot lazy summers followed by the spectacular flush of autumn’s glorious colours. White winters turn Haloze into a sparkling snow scene which eventually retreats with the irresistible and exhilarating arrival of spring.

The property is completely embraced by the intimate forested hills that form the unique region of Haloze. This small Slovenian gem is as yet undiscovered and virtually unspoilt.

The hills are dotted with small vineyards among ancient forests, giving it an intoxicating loveliness that you will find hard to forget. There is a gentle deception of complete isolation, but no more than 10 minutes by car brings you to the village of Podlehnik.

Ideal for people who love walking, cycling or hiking; or perhaps you just want to relax and soak up the beautiful views and listen to the sound of nature. Whether you are looking for a peaceful retreat, or an active holiday with a breath-taking backdrop, Haloze is a fantastic destination.

Culture lovers and history buffs will find plenty to entertain them nearby in the country’s oldest settlement of Ptuj, while the wider region is known for its many castles, should you be able to drag yourself from this picturesque spot.

Natural inspiration. Castles, Valleys and Vineyards. This place is like a living breathing fairy tale.  Along the sloping valleys you’ll find a seemingly endless array of homesteads with their own family vineyards.

The beautiful hills of Haloze also inspired the Slovene poet Oton Župančič.  When he visited the area in 1939 he stated: "New places, new miracles. Nice people. Pleasantly surprised by the picturesque region of Haloze."